E finserv sanctions loans against insurance policies. These policies have life cover in addition to savings elements that make them acceptable to us. E finserv grant loans to customers against insurance policies. Insurance policies are now being considered as valuable collaterals for banks after LIC of India confirmed that banks are the biggest lenders of personal loans. Loans against insurance policies are sanctioned only when traditional policies such as money back and endowment policies are pledged. Loan against Life Insurance policies offers customers the opportunity to leverage their existing life insurance policies and generate cash quickly. This is a beneficial facet of life insurance, which helps to liquidate an existing policy to get funds immediately. It is pertinent to note that the loan is approved only against traditional life insurance models that include an endowment and money back features. It is not granted against term insurance. All life insurance plans do not qualify for personal loan against insurance policy. E finserv approves life insurance policies that have attained their surrender value at the time of application of the loan.

Loan against Life insurance policy is an excellent tool to monetise a long-term financial security instrument for the short term.Loan Against Life Insurance If people need funds without conceding other movable and immovable assets, then it is advisable to explore the loan against Life Insurance policies option. To get Loan against Life insurance, you do not need to surrender the policy. The borrower still accrues all the benefits and bonus from the life insurance. It combines the benefits of providing life insurance and funds needed immediately to satisfy the financial needs. Based on the age, life insurance company and policy tenure, online term plans are less expensive options. E finserv provides three easy steps to apply for a loan. Either call or Register online, fill up the form and submit necessary documents. We also arrange for home service, if you cannot come to office. The eligibility criteria for availing this kind of loan are fairly easy to meet. The loan is also sanctioned fairly quickly once the application is submitted

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  • Life insurance of E finserv has given a fantastic support during the accident i been through. Raju K M


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