E finserv E finserv offers Loan against PPF for people who are in urgent need of funds. The PPF loan is the cheapest personal loan available. The cheap loan through the PPF account is one of the many benefits of a PPF account. But, very few people use this facility. Many people prefer to take personal loan even though interest rate is high. For Loan against PPF, no mortgage is required. There is no fear of recovery agent as the loan is against your own PF balance money. Loan facility will be available after completing one financial year. It is not available after 5 financial years. PPF loan amount can’t be more than 25% of the amount in loan. Loan must be repaid in 3 years. Second loan can be taken after the settlement of the first loan. Loan from the PPF account can be taken only once in a year, even if previous loan is paid.

E finserv helps customer regarding the application process for PPF loans.Loan Against PDF Loan application should be submitted in prescribed format. The loan amount should be mentioned and repayment period should be specified in the application itself. Information about the previous loans should be specified while submitting the application along with PPF pass book. There is enough flexibility to repay the loan. Loan can be paid in equal installments or in a lump sum. One has to choose the number of installments which should be within 36 months. The principal amount of the loan should be paid first. After the payment of the full principal amount, the interest is calculated on the basis of actual payment duration. Interest has to be paid in two monthly installments. If the interest is not paid at the time, it would be deducted from the PPF balance.

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