E finserv is a professional financial service company who provides expert opinion on different investment plans such as bonds, commodities, mutual funds, and stocks. E finserv offers an advise on financial investments like mutual funds. Mutual funds as a means of investment which is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. It is an investment programme funded by shareholders that trades in diversified holdings and is professionally managed. A mutual fund is a money pooled by many investors who are interested in making money in turn. Investing in a mutual fund is easier than buying and selling stocks and bonds. Investors can sell their shares when they want. It is applied to open-end investment companies, which will do collective investment to the general public on a daily basis. Mutual funds offer investors many benefits. Funds should be chosen keeping in mind investment objective, affordability, liquidity requirements and investment timelines.

A mutual fund is a pool of savings contributed by multiple investors. Mutual FundThe common funds created is invested in one or many asset like equity, liquid assets. All risks, rewards, gains or losses arising from, the investments made out of this savings pool are shared by all investors in proportion to their contributions. The Investmentsobjective is the goal that the fund manager sets for the mutual fund when deciding which stocks and bonds should be in the fund's portfolio. Buying stocks which have a chance for dramatic growth and may gain value rapidly is an aggressive method of investment which involves high risk. There are many types of mutual funds, with its own set of goals based on investment objectives. Under growth funds scheme, money is invested in equity stocks to provide capital appreciation with a long-term investment timeline. Under Income funds scheme, money is invested primarily in fixed-income instruments like bonds, with the purpose of providing capital protection and regular income to investors.Under Liquid funds schemes, money is invested primarily in short-term or very short-term instruments with the purpose of providing liquidity which are low on risk with moderate returns and with short-term investment timelines. There are many types of mutual funds based on assets. Equity Funds are funds that invest in equity stocks/shares of companies which are high-risk funds but also provide high returns. Debt Funds are funds that invest in debt instruments like government bonds and other fixed income assets which are very safe investments and provide fixed returns. Money Market Funds are funds that invest in liquid instruments which are safe investments for immediate but moderate returns. Balanced or Hybrid Funds invest in a mix of asset classes Risk and returns are balanced out this way. Sector Funds invest in a particular sector of the market.Returns are tied to the performance of the chosen sector.Tax-Saving Funds invest primarily in equity shares. There are mutual fund based on structure like Open-Ended Funds in which units are open for purchase or redemption through the year and Close-Ended Funds in which units can be purchased only during the initial offer period. *Terms and conditions apply


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