E finserv is a financial service provider which helps people who are interested to open Savings Account in any bank. We provide all the details of savings account in different banks and financial service companies. E finserv educates people regarding interest rates, terms and conditions and advantahes of savings account. We provide comparison details of savings account in all the banks. There are different types of accounts that individuals can maintain with banks like Savings Account, Current Account, Recurring Deposit Account, Fixed Deposit Account. These accounts differ with regard to deposits, withdrawals, interest rates etc. Different banks modify the terms and conditions of these major types of accounts in different ways, to create an account that meets the various needs of different customer.

Savings banks account is the most common type of bank account held by individuals around the world. A savings bank account is a virtual vault that holds money, allows people to withdraw a certain amount from it and adds small amount of interest every year. Saving AccountsSavings Account are usually opened by salaried individuals Savings accounts have daily withdrawal limits and are generally not zero-balance accounts. Modern savings accounts have many features and offer quick links to make quick transactions to the account holder and to pay bills after logging in to the account. There are different types of savings accounts available. Regular savings account have basic trems and conditions which will not have regular deposits and withdrawals. Salary based savings account is used mostly used by companies that need regular disbursal solutions. Banks offer attractive preferential rates and specific terms for these accounts to companies. Savings accounts for senior citizens are created for senior citizens, with specific functionality and benefits for those in the senior citizen category and function the same way as regular savings accounts but generally offer exclusive banking privileges and higher rates of interest. Savings accounts for children and minors function in the same basic way as regular savings accounts but don’t generally have a minimum balance requirement. These are designed to help the younger generation about modern day banking facilities. Zero Balance Savings Account merges the best features of a savings account and a current account. Usually, banks offer these accounts to the economically weaker applicants, and offer salary accounts as zero balance accounts due to their utility.
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